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Powerpoint - Add A Sound File To An Object
Powerpoint - Add Sound
Powerpoint - Animation Painter
Powerpoint - Animations
Powerpoint - Artistic Effects
PowerPoint - Backgrounds
Powerpoint - Backstage View
Powerpoint - Bokeh Backgrounds
Powerpoint - Charts
Powerpoint - Compress A Presentation
Powerpoint - Convert Video
Powerpoint - Convert Video Using Camtasia
PowerPoint - Converting Text To SmartArt
Powerpoint - Create A Quiz
PowerPoint - Create A Speech Bubble
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PowerPoint - Create A Theme
PowerPoint - Create Animated Backgrounds
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PowerPoint - Curved Text
Powerpoint - Developer Tab
PowerPoint - Embed Your Website
PowerPoint - Embed Videos From Your Hard Drive
PowerPoint - Embed Youtube Videos
PowerPoint - Extract The Background Image
PowerPoint - Formatting Video
Powerpoint - Handouts
PowerPoint - Hyperlink
PowerPoint - Insert A Table
PowerPoint - Insert An Excel Spreadsheet
PowerPoint - Insert Images
PowerPoint - Key Tips
PowerPoint - Make Sound Start Automatically
PowerPoint - Notes
PowerPoint - Open PPT Or PPTX Files
PowerPoint - Paste
PowerPoint - Calendars
PowerPoint - Transparent Text
PowerPoint - Viewer
PowerPoint - Presentation Views
PowerPoint - Remove The Background From An Image
PowerPoint - Rotating Text
PowerPoint - Save As PDF
PowerPoint - Selections
PowerPoint - Shapes
PowerPoint - Slide Layouts
PowerPoint - Slide Transitions
PowerPoint - Speech Bubbles
PowerPoint - Template
PowerPoint - The Ribbon
PowerPoint - Themes
PowerPoint - Clip Art
PowerPoint - Venn Diagram Template
PowerPoint - Video
PowerPoint - What Makes A Good PowerPoint Presentation
PowerPoint - WordArt

PowerPoint - Video

The PowerPoint team have been working hard to craft a multimedia experience that allows users to effectively harness the storytelling power of audio and video content. They have revamped PowerPoint’s media playback technology, improved the whole media workflow including insertion, editing, and distribution and presentation.

Every effect that you can apply to a picture in PowerPoint 2010, you can apply to an embedded video too. The effect works on every frame of the video during playback, not just the first one.

Video handling is much improved, owing to the introduction of new features that help you trim media, integrate with the animation timeline, and even export your PowerPoint presentation to video. Now you don’t need high-end video editing software to tackle the common video media tasks involved in basic video editing .

There is a lot you can now do with video in PowerPoint 2010, so check out the following mini tutorials:

  • Inserting Youtube videos
  • Embedding videos from your hard drive
  • Applying A Reflection To A video
  • Trimming Video