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MySQL Database


MySQL is a open source Relational Database Management System. MySQL is very fast reliable and flexible Database Management System. It provides a very high performance and it is multi threaded and multi user Relational Database management system.

MySQL is one of the most popular relational database Management System on the web. The MySQL Database has become the world's most popular open source Database, because it is free and available on almost all the platforms. The MySQL can run on Unix , window, and Mac OS. MySQL is used for the internet applications as it provides good speed and is very secure. MySQL was developed to manage large volumes of data at very high speed to overcome the problems of existing solutions. MySQL can be used for verity of applications but it is mostly used for the web applications on the internet.

MySQL Features
  • MySQL are very fast and much reliable for any type of application.
  • MySQL is very Lightweight application.
  • MySQL command line tool is very powerful and can be used to run SQL queries against database.
  • MySQL Supports indexing and binary objects. It is allow changes to structure of table while server is running.
  • MySQL has a wide user base. It is a very fast thread-based memory allocation system.
  • MySQL Written in C and C++ language.
  • MySQL code is tested with different compilers.
  • MySQL is available as a separate program for use in a client/server network environment.
  • The MySQL available for the most Unix operating platform.
  • MySQL are the available for window operating system window NT, window 95 ,and window 98.
  • MySQL available for OS/2. Programming libraries for C, Python, PHP, Java , Delphi etc. are available to connect to MySQL database.