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Web Programming

Web Programming

Writing the necessary source code to create a Web site. At the very least, it refers to writing the HTML pages. However, most Web sites also use JavaScript in their pages, and any Web site that provides searches, access to databases or any custom processing for the user requires additional programs that run in the Web server. Web server processing is programmed in Java, VBScript, Perl and other languages, And othe is CGI script, JavaScript, Java, VBScript, Perl, Web development software and application server.

Web programming can be briefly categorized into client and server coding. The client side needs programming related to accessing data from users and providing information. It also needs to ensure there are enough plug ins to enrich user experience in a graphic user interface, including security measures.

  1. To improve user experience and related functionalities on the client side, JavaScript is usually used. It is an excellent client-side platform for designing and implementing Web applications.
  2. HTML5 and CSS3 supports most of the client-side functionality provided by other application frameworks.

The server side needs programming mostly related to data retrieval, security and performance. Some of the tools used here include ASP, Lotus Notes, PHP, Java and MySQL. There are certain tools/platforms that aid in both client- and server-side programming. Some examples of these are Opa and Tersus.