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Word - Insert Page Breaks

Microsoft Word automatically starts a new page when the current page becomes filled with text but you can insert a page break to force Word to start text on a new page. You can insert a page break using either the mouse or the keyboard.

Insert Page Breaks:

Following are the simple steps to insert page breaks in a word document.

Step (1): Bring your insertion point immediately before the text that you want to appear on a new page.

Step (2): Click the Insert tab, and click Page Break button available in the Pages group.

Insert Page Breaks

Word inserts a page break and moves all text after the page break onto a new page. You can also use Ctrl + Enter keys to create a page break at the pointed location.

Insert Page Breaks

Delete a Page Break

Just put insertion point on previous page of the page break you want to delete. Press Delete key multiple times until both the pages get merged.