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Excel - Shortcuts

Excel shortcuts can save you time when you are editing your spreadsheets. Keyboard shortcuts like ctrl-o to open a document, ctrl-n to create a new document and ctrl-s to save are common across all Microsoft Office programs, but there are some that are unique to Excel. Their use will help you get things done much quicker and will save you the hassle of searching for commands on the ribbon. It might take a little time to learn these shortcuts, but that time is well spent.

=( Start a formula
Arrow keys Move one cell in the direction of the arrow
Page Up Page Up
Page down Page down
Tab Move one cell to the right
Alt tab Move one cell to the left
F1 Help
F2 Edit mode to edit a cell’s contents
F3 ???
F4 ???
F5 Go to
F6 Next pane
F7 Spellcheck
F8 ???
F9 Calculate all
F10 Display key tips
F11 Insert a chart
F12 Save as
F14 Comments
F15 Function arguments
F16 Move to the next available cell in the table
F17 Find and replace
F18 Key tips
F19 Research pane (search, thesaurus etc)
F20 ???
F21 Recalculate????
F22 Right click menu
F23 New worksheet
F24 Save as
Home Start of row
Alt ‘ (apostrophe) Style menu
Alt = Autosum
Alt F Backstage view
Alt H Display shortcuts
Alt N Insert Menu
Alt P Page Layout menu