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HTML - Video Codes

HTML - Video Codes

Video files, including YouTube videos, are embedded into an HTML document using the <embed> tag. The src attribute defines what video file to embed into the page. The <embed> tag does not require a closing tag. Here is a look at the <embed> tag with a global URL. Notice that its controls, including Play, Stop, Pause, and volume, are already included.


<embed src=""
 autostart="false" />

You may start and stop your movie files by either pressing the buttons at the bottom of the object or by single-clicking on the object itself. The movie can be restarted by double-clicking your mouse.

HTML - Video Media Types

Flash (.swf) and MOV (.mov) file types are also supported by the <embed> tag.

  • .swf - Macromedia's Flash file types - very high compression, great for the web!.
  • .wmv - Microsoft's Window's Media Video file types - good quality, variable compression.
  • .mov - Apple's Quick Time Movie format - good quality, variable compression.
  • .mpeg - the accepted standard for web movie files created by the Moving Pictures Expert Group - good quality, variable compression.

The list above outlines some of the most common "internet-ready" video files. Macromedia's .swf and .mpeg formats may be the best options for use with the web because the high compression rate of these file types reduces file size and expedites the download/buffering periods for your page visitors.