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HTML - Textareas

HTML - Textareas

An HTML textarea is an oversized Text Field capable of capturing "blurb" type information from a user. If you've ever posted on a forum or left feedback on your favorite blog, you probably do so using an HTML textarea.

Embed textareas in HTML documents using the <textarea> tag. Any text placed between the opening and closing textarea tags will be rendered inside the textarea element as the "default" text. This makes for a great way to give users an example or description of how to go about filling out the text area field. Something like, "Please limit your response to 100 characters," would be an ideal description.

HTML Textarea Code

<textarea name="myTextArea"cols="20" rows="10">Please limit your response to 100 characters.
</textarea><br /> <textarea name="myTextArea" cols="40" rows="2">Please limit your response to 200 characters.
</textarea><br /> <textarea name="myTextArea" cols="45" rows="5">Please limit your response to 500 characters.
</textarea><br />

HTML Textarea Form Element