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HTML - Input

HTML - Input Element's

HTML input elements are form elements such as text fields, checkboxes, and buttons. The name comes from the <input> tag, which is the mark-up that identifies web form components. The <input> tag relies upon a few attributes to classify and name each form item, providing the web developer with a means to manipulate each element individually.

The type attribute determines what kind of input element to render to the screen. Options here include: text, checkbox, radio, button, submit, reset, password, and hidden form elements. Each has its own unique functionality and customizable presentation.

HTML Input Element Code

<formg name="myWebForm" action="" method="post">
   Check Me: <input type="checkbox" /><br />
   Name: <input type="text" /><br />
   Yes: <input type="radio" /> No: <input type="radio" /><br />
   <input type="submit" value="SUBMIT" /> 
   <input type="reset" value="RESET" />

HTML Input Elements

Check Me:
Yes: No: