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HTML - Music Codes

HTML - Music Codes

Inserting music onto a web page is relatively easy these days. In the past, multiple tags had to be used because browsers did not have a uniform standard for embedded media files. However, we're happy to announce that this is a problem of the past, and you will now have a much easier time than webmasters of the past.

HTML - Embed

Music is inserted onto a web page with the use of the embed tag. There are other ways to link to music, but embed is now considered the standard for inserting media. Below is an minimalist example of the embed tag using the src attribute to define the media file's location.

HTML Embed Tag Code:

<embed src="beethoven.mid" />
<p>Above is an embedded media player. To stop the music press stop/pause.</p>

Depending on what kind of media software you or your visitor has installed, the above example will appear slightly different. To make your embedded player display properly, change the attributes associated with display.