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How To Share Files & Folder

Follow these steps on any Windows XP computer to share file resources across a local network. Individual files, an entire folder, or an entire Windows drive can be shared with Windows XP network configuration.

  1. Make sure Windows XP Simple File Sharing is enabled.
  2. Open Windows Explorer or My Computer.
  3. Select the File, Folder or Drive that you want to share.
  4. Then right click on that File, Folder or Drive that you want to share, and click on the Properties.
  5. Click on Sharing tab.
  6. Then check on Share this folder on network in Network sharing and security.
  7. If you want to allow to change your file on network then also check on Allow network user to change my files in Network sharing and security.
  8. Then click on Apply button.
  9. Then click on OK button.
  10. After all this process you have successfully shared your File, Folder or Drive.