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Enabling Your Computer Hindi for Hindi Typing
  1. Go to start
  2. Select the control panel
  3. In control panel select the regional and language option
  4. Select the language tab
  5. In which check on the install files for complex script and right-to-left languages(including Thai)
  6. After that process, the computer ask for the windows XP installation CD
  7. Then browse the specific file from CD that are required for the installation
  8. After the file have been installed, click on the details button on the same tab(language tab)
  9. In setting tab click on the add button
  10. Click on the input language drop down and select the Hindi
  11. If you want to add keyboard of any language then check on keyboard layout/IME
  12. In which select your keyboard like Google Input Tool, Hindi Traditional etc.
  13. Then click on ok button then apply button
  14. You have successfully enabled Hindi on your computer.