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Open Specific Port for Firewall (Windows Firewalls with Advance Security Setup)

For setting up the firewall port (Windows Firewalls with Advance Security Setup) follow these:

  1. Open The Control Panel
  2. Then Network & Sharing Center.
  3. In This Panel Left Bottom Find Windows Firewall.
  4. In Windows Firewall Panel Left Side Find Advanced Setting
  5. In Advanced Setting Windows Left Side Find Inbound Rules
  6. In Which Find Right Side Find New Rules & Create New Rules For Your Port.
  7. After That Click On Port, Then Next.
  8. In Next Windows Specify Your Port Code That You Want to Allow on Your Computer. (Specify Local Ports:)& Click On Next.
  9. And The Next Windows Click On Allow The Connection, Then Click On Next.
  10. Then Next Windows Click On Next Button.
  11. Then Last Enter Your Port Name That You Want To Specify, And Click on Finish Button.
  12. Same Description For Outbound Rules.