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What is a Table?

in database terms, a table is responsible for storing data in the database. Database tables consist of rows and columns.

The foundation of every Relational Database Management System is a database object called Table . Every database consists of one or more than one table, which store the database’s data or information or records. Each table has its own unique name and consists of columns and rows.

The database table columns are also called table fields, and they have their own unique names and have a pre-defined data types. Table columns can have various attributes defining the column functionality.

Database Tables Characteristic

  • A table is made up of columns and rows.
  • A column is a set of values of the same datatype; a character column, for example, contains character strings and an integer column contains integers.
  • A row is a sequence of values such that the nth value of the row corresponds to the nth column of the table.
  • Each row is typically identified by a unique value known as its primary key. (It is possible, although not generally useful, to create a table without a primary key column.)
  • A base table is a table created with a CREATE TABLE statement. A base table persists in the database until it is removed with a DROP TABLE statement.
  • A result table is returned by a SELECT statement.
  • A temporary table is a table that is accessible only during the session in which it is created. A temporary table persists in the database only for the duration of that session or until it is removed with a DROP TABLEstatement.